Dear Santa

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus:
This is Paul Holton, better known to many as Chief Wiggles, the founder and President of a Utah based non-profit organization called Operation Give ( Back in 2003, while serving in the military in Iraq, out of the blue and totally unsolicited I received a huge Christmas present from some of your elves back home. When I opened the box, to my total surprise there was a beautiful Christmas tree with all the decorations and ornaments, carefully wrapped Christmas presents and many Christmas stockings stuffed to the brim; enough for everyone in my office at Saddam’s palace in Baghdad.
To this day I will always remember the joy we all received that Christmas day as we opened the presents and went through the items in the stockings. We were thrilled beyond words as we contemplated their thoughtfulness. It was as if someone had delivered a slice of home to each and every one of us, who were all away from his or her families and loved ones during the Christmas season. Through that simple act of kindness we all knew we had not been forgotten.
Ever since that day I have been determined to replicate that experience for others serving our country in far off – war-torn lands during Christmas. For the past 12 years, Operation Christmas Stocking has been able to send 5,000 to 10,000 amazing stuffed Christmas stockings to men and women serving in the military in Iraq, Afghanistan and South Korea.
Operation Christmas Stocking is hoping that Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus and all your elves will help us out again this year. We are already gearing up for another great Christmas Season; with people in Utah and all over the United States sending in stuffed Christmas Stockings and/or a variety of items to be used as stocking stuffers. Our Operation Give volunteers and many other Santa’s helpers will be at the warehouse many evenings between now and Christmas stuffing stockings, right up until we have to ship them overseas.
But Santa, I need your help. We are in desperate need of additional items to help make this year’s Christmas stockings the best stockings ever. We are frequently running out of items the service men and women would enjoy receiving in their stockings, so please help us with whatever you have. I have attached my wish list for you to look at.
I would greatly appreciate your kind and generous donations of stuffed Christmas Stockings, items that could be stuffed in Christmas Stockings and/or funds to help pay for these items to be shipped overseas to our troops.
Chief Wiggles
Christmas Wish List:
Hand sanitizers, wet-wipes, foot powder, candy and goodies, gum, socks, hygiene items (deodorant, shampoos, shaving cream, toothpaste, toothbrushes, dental floss, etc), CDs-DVDs, I-Tune cards, socks, small games, playing cards, sunscreen, body lotion, bug spray, calendar, paperback books, eye drops, sunglasses, lip balm, small flashlights, multi-functional tools, protein powder packets, Nerf footballs, toys, balls, Frisbees, hygiene items for women, shoe inserts, beef jerky, canned food, stuffed animals, office supplies, batteries, vitamins, non-perishable food items, and whatever else you can come up with.
For items being shipped by boat: Everything has to be received by Nov. 15.  Because of the lower cost of shipping, we want to be able to ship as much as possible by boat.
For items being shipped by Air: Everything has to be received by Dec. 1.
Warehouse: 2275 South 900 West, Salt Lake City Utah, 84119
We are looking for help from
1. School Groups
2. Church Groups
3. Scout Groups
4. Business groups
5. Individuals
6. Everyone and anyone

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