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Norther Iraq Refugees

Norther Iraq Refugees

Operation Give to Deliver 1 Million Pounds of Supplies to Refugees

Operation Give led by Chief Warrant Officer Paul Holton will be delivering 1 million pounds of humanitarian supplies to refugees in Northern Iraq. There are approximately 2.5 million refugees who have fled the savagery of ISIS. Operation Give has developed relationships with the Kurdish Regional Government and has permission to ship 10 large shipping containers to the Christian and Yazidi refugees.

 The humanitarian need has grown increasingly dire. Last winter Operation Give delivered two containers of supplies to Iraq. In order to deliver on this goal Operation Give needs to raise $100,000. They are raising funds on and on their site,

Operation Give will be holding a donation drive at Mesa Moving and Storage on August 27th. From 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

The address is: 2275 South 900 West Dock 49, Salt Lake City, UT 84119

Operation Give is a registered 5013c.

All funds received will be used to transport, deliver and obtain supplies. We are seeking donations of both cash and supplies. Feel free to donate both here or at

The Operation Give Foundation was established and registered in Salt Lake City, Utah in November of 2004. There is a small group of volunteers in Salt Lake City, Utah and a group of people, both military personnel and nationals, who continue to assist in making it possible to continue funneling all of the donations from around the world to the Operation Give teams in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other countries.

The donated supplies continue to be distributed to children in schools and orphanages, to people in poor conditions and to US soldiers who are attempting to make a difference in their own way.? Operation Give arose from the needs of children all over Iraq for toys, school supplies, hygiene items, clothing, shoes, etc. and to provide the soldiers, assisting in rebuilding Iraq, the necessary resources, and supplies to help bring hope for a new beginning to the children of the war-torn country.

The continued response from individuals and groups reading about Operation Give on the websites is nothing short of remarkable.? However, the need is just as great to continue and expand the reach of Operation Give and to take it from its current state of a “spare time” charity to something much greater. For more information or to schedule interviews, contact: Ironrod Media Rodney Fife (385) 225 5997

Yes, Even You Can Save the World!

In the Summer and Fall of 2015, my team and I had the pleasure to work with Operation Give in raising funds and supplies to send to the children and women living in the refugee camps in Kurdistan, which is in Northern Iraq.

Most of these refugees had to flee their homes due to ISIS forces threat of genocide. Ironrod Media helped Operation Give raise more than $20,000 so we could send them these containers.

The need has deepened and there are even more lives in peril as ISIS begins to expand its forces across the map of Asia and Africa. If you are in a position to donate funds and supplies, please do so at Operation Give is a registered nonprofit and is maintained by an all-volunteer team.

With this experience, I learned that even if you do not have any cash to donate that your skills and talents are just as valuable to those in need. I learned some valuable lessons from my friend Mary Scott the President of Fishbowl. She taught me you can still run a business and make a difference in the world. Fishbowl allowed us to conduct a donation drive in the Fall of 2015. I recently had the pleasure to listen to a talk by Elder Patrick Kearon were he spoke upon the importance of reaching out to the refugees across the globe. When pondering how to help please don’t wait to have a grand plan. The simplest acts tend to have the most impact. Just go and do!

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Operation Ha’apai in Tonga

Operation Ha’apai in Tonga

The latest rough draft of Operation Tonga Relief AKA Operation Ha’apai. More coming soon.

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