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I would like to personally thank all of you who have helped in making 2005 a banner year for Operation Give. There were many obstacles and many hurdles to overcome but 2005 was also filled with many miraculous events and magical occurrences. It was a great year. Thousands of sincere, charitable people stepped forward with pure acts of kindness, donating wonderful items and money in order to bring happiness into the lives of thousands of Iraqi and Afghanistan children.

Our US military men and women, with the help of numerous Iraqi and Afghanistan people, were able to deliver with love your generous gifts. Through these acts of kindness, made possible by all of you, they were able to build bridges of love and understanding. Consequently, our men and women in the military were able to make great strides towards our goal of winning the hearts and minds of the people they are fighting for. Through love and kindness we can all help build these bridges spanning misunderstandings, distrust, and hatred, that permeates the society of that part of the world. Through love we will find a way and the answers to our problems.

Unfortunately, there are those who chose hatred as their answer and desire all free men and women to be in bondage or killed. There are evil forces that fight against democratic free rule, wanting only for their own power and position. For this reason we must continue to fight back to insure our own freedom. We must not back down or retreat to the safety of our own distant homes, for they are coming and they are relentless. We can only hope that the opportunity to let our true selves shine through will arise, enabling the people of these countries to see who we really are. We ask that all of you do what you can to help us now win the peace through your own acts of love and kindness.

Help us win the peace. Give to Operation Give

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