Letters From Iraq

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I am not OK, No job, no money no contact with Americans for 2 months.
I need to work with them, I have important information.
Baghdad very bad now Al Qaeda is every where. And the Iranian intelligence is every where and the Iraqi government is helping them to kill the people. I have people like a friends they know where they are the Qaeda in Iraq I need your help to work on it, your help to let me to meet Americans. They have a design in Iraq or in every where
I know you can do it. And we need to give poor people some gift from U.S.A or from your organization. I have may people in IRAQ they want to help U.S army.
please give my love to all your friends and your family
My dream to visit you  
thank you
really I miss you so much
Hi chief
something wrong is happening in Najaf .There is a small bad religious group from different kinds of people from IRAQ and they have a leader he thought him self like a god or al Mahdi. The commander of al Najaf I.P he made it bad when he attacked them by force and he gave wrong information to the Americans. He told them that they were a big group before IRAQ and the I.P and the American hit all the area and they killed very many. They assassinated many people and the bad people .ALL the story they made was false .Believe me there a small group but they killed many people and children and women and all this because Iran and this is how Iran is working in IRAQ most them in I.P and I.N.G
Thank you


  Thanks very much for your e-mail .Really I feel happy when I saw it
.Tell me please about you because I miss you & your entire friend I hope all of
you is ok.
  Your first question is about my  positive suggestions & ideas to help
my people .you know chief the first thing if we want to do to help
Iraq is to prevent the Iranian intelligent & all the people who work with
them from Iraq and to stop all armed party (we must not forget the Kurds)
because also they do a lot of trouble to have there  own country in
north of Iraq .That’s not all but there is many people like ( abed al azez
al hakem )who want to do Iraq is part of Iran
  The important thing chief  must your government listen to the voice
of Iraq people whom they want their Country to be stable and they can
found them in any where in Iraq but they only listen to the people whom
they not help Iraq.
  We all in Iraq want our country to be a good one but the people in(
green zone) they did not want that and they killed any one want to
help his country .YES chief I want to be part of the solution but the
question can you do that ???or did the Iranian let you do that I say
that because I know that Iran make a cover on the government and they do
only what they want
  IF you sea my previous e-mail you can understand that & I want to 
work together to come up with a solution to help my country

A View From Baghdad

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The new Baghdad security plan started , many resident Shiites& Sunnis are skeptical about it, at the same time they wish the plan will succeed they have

Many fears and doubts that. There are many reasons for that. My be the main reasons is there lack of confidence in the security forces, but before one can suggest some points that can contribute for the success of this plan, one must determine who the enemy is the enemies to the security in Iraq are will known. They are
1-The insurgent and their supporters (mostly Sunni Arabs from outside the country and -al Qaeda affiliated persons)
2-The militias and their supporters mostly Shiites from various parts of Iraq, and  Iranian backed groups & criminal gangs operating in Baghdad, there are to threats have been identified not only by ordinary peace loving Iraqis, but by the American also, In fast the American military have labeled the militias as the No.  1 threat to Americans in Iraq. Thus the new security plan, which is based on the new, or let as say, the revised American strategy for Iraq is based on these 2 factors of course there are other factors that the new strategy has taken into consideration, but those 2 are the most important.
Objectives of security plan
As one might think is to pacify Baghdad, by stopping the sectarian cleansing tacking place now, hence to give Iraq a new hope, this means preventing Iraq from slipping into an open civil war, which if happened will be a great setback to American national security interests, in the whole world. In order to achieve this plan the following tasks should be carried out.
1-Get rid of the militias and all their supporters – especially Iran.
2- Purge the Iraq security forces as much as can be done.
3- Fight the insurgent and deny them the ability to operate in Baghdad & take          advantage of Sunni neighborhood where they might find some sympathy for         their cause.
4- Decrease the social tensions between Iraqis.
5- Achieve national reconciliation between Iraqis.
6- Provide services to Baghdad inhabitants, & make Baghdad a city that one can        live in again.
7- Other tasks relevant to the objectives.
The Americans need the cooperation of Iraqis in providing enough troops for the implementation of this plan. The Iraq Government will use the forces of the MOD –Iraqi army- & MOI – Police & other security forces.
It is well known fact that these 2 forces are infiltrated by militias to certain degrees. The MOI forces are greatly infiltrated by militias & their Loyalty is not to the MOI but to their political & sectarian parties. Although the government is Shiite& some Sunni dominated government but it is says that’s the government for all Iraqi. This is the reason for the Sunni distrust in this government in fact. This government depends on the( sadrists) for their political support in parliament & no one believes that it will agree on taking steps to disband or fight the militias responsible for the trouble in Baghdad .The Iranian backed( mahdi) army . Thus the government is considered by the Sunni as part of the problem rather as part solution. On the other hand the Shiites also distrust the same government, especially when PM Speaks about an all Iraq government & an even handed treatment of all sects in Iraq. In fact news has leaked lately that differences between Americans & Iraqi official about the Implementation of this plan are the reason. Why the plan has been delayed. While Americans want to start to work in all Baghdad districts, Iraqi officials want to start in Sunni neighborhood. While minimizing the danger of Mahdi militias threat thus to ensure the success of this plan .The following points should be taken into careful consideration.
1- Even handedness when dealing with all Iraqis.
2- Humane treatment of people during neighborhoods inspections & other
3- Bipartisan behavior by Iraqi government forces.
4- Providing services to all neighborhoods.
5- Taking all steps to reduce social tension Iraqi factions. this can be achieved          as follows.
A- Avoiding all frictions points between Shiite and Sunnis.
B- Closing all borders with Iran & Syria. Especially Rabea Border in north west Iraq. Using Forces from old Iraqi army.         
 C- Insisting on the Iraq government that the plan be implemented & manner.
    D  Releasing all prisoners who have no case against them ASAP.

                  Dear Sir. I am Sure If The all Answer Send To You About IRAQ Are Fulfilled. IRAQ Will Find Peace And Stability Quickly. GOD Bless all Working to help Iraqi people. With Best Love from all to you Chief