Donate your Excess Inventory:

Our win-win proposition: Donate your excess, overstocked, obsolete or outdated merchandise in order to facilitate a Micro Merchandise Loan to an individual in a third world country so they may start up a small business and receive the following benefits.

Benefits to you:
A. Receive a tax credit for your cost of goods value of the items donated
B. Enhance your brand image by donating the items to a good cause, as opposed to liquidating the items. 
C .Avoid sending the wrong message to your customers that a liquidation may bring.
D. Avoid cannibalizing your own sales and avoid disrupting your distribution/ sales channels.
E. Feeling good that you are supporting an excellent cause

The Excess Inventory Distribution Concept

1. The Basic Components of this plan are:

A. Product manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers, defined as Sellers, will be solicited to donate their excess, overstocked, obsolete and outdated inventory to Operation Give (OG). In return for their donations, these companies will be able to receive a tax credit of 100 % of the donated value of their cost of goods vs. liquidating the inventory for pennies on the dollar and taking a loss for the remaining amount.
B. These sellers would sign an agreement with OG with the understanding and allowing for the sell or gifting of a certain agreed upon percentage of the donated goods. These sellers would understand that OG would have to sell or gift a certain percentage of the donated merchandise in order to generate enough cash to cover the expenses and cost of shipping the items overseas to the people in need.
C. These Sellers would also understand that a certain percentage of the donated merchandise might be used as a gift to incent individuals to donate to OG.

2. The donated inventories would be handled as follows:

The majority of the items would become part of our Micro Merchandise Loan Program, given to select needy individuals in third world countries to help them develop small start-up businesses in their communities.

If items donated to Operation Give are determined to be of value to the people or soldiers in war-torn countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan, these items would then be sent over to our contacts in those countries for distribution to help win the hearts and minds of the people.

Some of the items would be sold through agreed upon on-line channels in order to cover overhead and expenses of shipping the merchandise overseas

Other items will be placed in their respective categories in the Operation Give Donation Store to be offered as gifts for donations. As an incentive to donate, and based on the amount of donation made, the donor would be able to choose from a list of possible gift items. And the donors would be able to choose whether to send such items to themselves or to have the items sent to soldiers or needy individuals in the Operation Give service arenas overseas.

3. Incentives and Benefits:

The individual Sellers/ Donors of the goods would be able to receive a tax credit for their donations, equal to their cost of goods, with the knowledge that their donated excess inventory is being distributed to people in Third World Countries. These people will then be able to use the goods, supplies, equipment, or merchandise, as Micro Merchandise Loans, used to start up cottage industries and small businesses. The goods might be start-up inventory, office equipment, supplies, raw materials, etc.

Donors on the website contributing cash to Operation Give could receive a gift in return for their donation and a tax credit for their donation.  In this way, both donor groups receive a benefit from donating.

*This could be considered a new alternative to retail merchandising so that potential buyers would become potential contributors and still be able to obtain the items they desire and receive a tax benefit for doing so.

4. Logistics and Transportation:

Please call Paul Holton at 801 259 6336 to discuss the movement of the excess inventory items you wish to donate