Micro-Merchandise Loans

Core Concept

Operation Give (OG) would like to ask that you donate any excess inventory or obsolete inventory items you might have to this Micro Merchandise Loan Program. The merchandise that you donate will be used to help deprived individuals in third world countries start up small businesses. The donated merchandise would be loaned as “start up inventory” or “much needed equipment” in order for a small business to be opened in an impoverished area of the world, creating job opportunities and income for the owners/workers.
Operation Give will act as a liaison and facilitator of the Micro Merchandise Loans, (MML). The loans would be in the form of merchandise, furnishings, equipment, inventory and supplies, needed to develop small start up businesses and cottage industries within the third world countries.

Operation Give, through it’s organizational contacts and through an interviewing process, will select individuals as candidates for these MML’s and put them under contract to pay back a predetermined percentage  of the inventory value, with the sale of each item.
These collected repaid funds would then be used by OG to pay the cost of shipping additional MML’s to other individuals who would like to start up small businesses.
The MML inventory and the profit made by the sale of the MML start up inventory will provide the funds necessary for the Owner/Workers to buy additional inventory to perpetuate their business.
Operation Give, with your kind donations of your excess inventory items, has the ability to collect, warehouse and ship the items needed to set up small businesses in Iraq, Afghanistan, and India.

Operation Give will facilitate the selection of the owners, coordinate the movement of the Micro Inventory Loans and has the ability to put each recipient under contract to repay a percentage of their gross profits upon the sale of the donated merchandise in order to repay OG for the investment and donation of such supplies, equipment and merchandise.

With your kind donation of your excess inventory items we will be able to provide Micro Merchandise Loans to individuals wanting to start up small businesses and create an income so they can provide for their family.