Iraqi and Afghanistan schools in dire need.


Chief Wiggles says a typical Iraqi classroom has concrete walls, no carpet, worn-out desks, no chalkboard or chalk and is in dire need of pencils, pens and paper.
“These kids really have nothing, anything helps” says Paul Holton, aka Chief Wiggles. Whether it be art supplies, back packs, pens, paper, binders, notebooks, compasses or calculators, Holton wants them.
American students can collect school supplies for the soldiers to give to the children in Iraq.
A school kit could include a notebook, paper, pencils, pens, colored markers, ruler, eraser, binder, or calculator, and more.
These items could be sent in large sealed bags or in a new or used backpack or Operation Give bag with handle. School bags can be purchased from Operation Give.
These items can be shipped to Operation Give’s warehouse for the Children of Iraq and Afghanistan.

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