For the most part children in many countries lack the education and the supplies to brush their teeth everyday. We are working with the Ministry of Health and Education in Iraq and Afghanistan to first educate the children about dental hygiene and to then provide the necessary dental supplies, dental equipment and dental hygiene kits, etc.

We have nearly half a million toothbrushes ready to be shipped to Iraq. We would like to add to the kits toothpaste, floss, and other dental hygiene items to create dental hygiene kits for the children in Iraq. Through our contacts in the Ministry of Health and the Ministry Education, we are ready to have these distributed through out the country.

As we are able to collect the other needed items we will be mobilizing our forces to put together 450,000 dental hygiene kits with picture instructions on how to use each item. We need your help in gathering up enough toothpaste, mouthwash and dental floss to go out in kits with the 450,000 toothbrushes. You can donate to this great cause. You can gather up toothpaste and other items around your house or you can gather up from your community, through neighbors or businesses the nececssary items. Once these items are boxed up, FedEx will pick them up and send them to our warehouse. Please send them as soon as possible.