Operation Give is working with a surgeon that would like to go to Baghdad and do spinal surgery for injured children. Donations are needed for equipment and expenses.


wheelChairboy.jpgRecently Operation Give shipped more than 100 wheelchairs and 100 walkers donated by Wheels for Humanity. Operation Give arranged the delivery to Dr. Eaman to the 414 Civil Affairs Unit. They were distributed to children and adults in need.


Operation Give is excited to be working with Limbs of Hope in collecting Artificial Limbs for the children and adults in Iraq.

Operation Give will be shipping these to Dr. Eaman who will be working with the Ministry of Defense Prosthetics Clinic. At the clinic they said, “Losing a limb has a big impact on the patients that come into the clinic. Most   
amputee’s think their lives stop because they don’t like their new lives.” The used and new limbs that we will be sending, will be custom fitted to the patient. This can really bring happiness back to their lives and give them more freedom to do things they used to do.


Donations can be made to purchase retina’s so surgery can be done to restore sight lost by explosions. Surgery can be done by local surgeons.