Reach across the World and touch the life of an Iraqi Child

The people of Iraq have endured decades of tyranny, war and sanctions. People of good will all over the world are anxious to help build the new Iraq. A soldier in Iraq, affectionately known as Chief Wiggles, recently had an experience that inspired him. Out of his own kit, he gave a little Iraqi girl whose mother was injured some gifts: a toy monkey, a toothbrush, and a few other things.
As he put it: Her eyes lit up with such joy as I put the monkey arms over her head. She was so excited to receive anything. She was so precious as her big brown eyes looked up at me, causing me to almost break down into tears as I walked away quickly so as to not bring too much attention to the little girl from the on looking crowd.toyjoyboy.jpg
What a moment! In my own little way, I am helping Iraqis one person at a time. My sphere of influence is small in comparison to the task at hand, but who knows what the ripple affect will be of my small effort to calm the tears of one sweet little girl. Thanks to my teammates back home who made this moment possible by sending me the toys. I have only one request of them and others: please send me more toys!
In response to his, volunteers created Operation Give. We are a non-profit, non-partisan, grass-roots effort to coordinate the collection and distribution of toys (and necessities) for the children of Iraq and Afghanistan. When you send a gift, you give more than a package, you give smiles and hope, one gift at a time.


Toys: Dolls, cars and trucks, balls, especially soccer balls, plush toys and stuffed animals, plastic animals and dinosaurs, tool and cooking sets, puzzles, binoculars, Magna-Doodles, basic Lego’s, blocks, jump ropes, Frisbees, picture books, baby toys, stacking cups, shape sorters, chess sets
NO: Toys that will not work without batteries, toys that require electricity, violent toys (guns, violent action figures), toys that shoot projectiles, Barbies or comparables
SCHOOL SUPPLIES: Notebook, paper, pencils, pencil sharpeners, pens, colored markers, ruler, eraser, binder, or calculator, etc
ART SUPPLIES: Colored pencils, pastels, markers, brushes, paint sets, paper chalk, coloring books, etc.