Talking With Heroes

Colorado Springs, Colorado, March 7, 2006, Talking with Heroes Talk Show announces
the guest list for the Sunday 5pm (PST) March 12, 2006 Talk Show. Talking with Heroes
continues on its mission to give our military personnel a global platform to share their
mostly untold stories and to thank, honor and support our men and women serving
our country.

he following is our March 12th Guest List:
CW5 (Chief Warrant Officer) Paul Holton better known as “Chief Wiggles,” is the founder
of Operation Give (, a humanitarian organization that ships toys,
medicine, and educational supplies to children in war-torn and devastated nations
throughout the world. He traveled around Iraq visiting Children’s Hospitals, orphanages,
schools and poor neighborhoods, handing out much needed supplies. Operation Give
continues to send items to Iraq where they are distributed to children all over the country.
Alexandra R. Lajoux lives with her husband and son in Arlington, Virginia. Alexandra has
worked for 20 years for a Washington, D.C., professional association, and she has
published some books on business topics--but her true passion is music. Her interview
will focus on how she came to write and produce the song, "We Thank You," which was
recently approved to be played to our troops in Iraq--her dream.

Paul Shrater Co-Founder and VP of Marketing of (, operates a retail
as well as a wholesale business. Minimus is proud to be involved with the support
efforts for troops here and around the world. Minimus has worked with Soldiers’ Angels
to create a line of care packages based on the feedback of what the troops overseas
wanted. Minimus has been featured in numerous publications and on several television
programs, including NBC’s The Today Show. NASA recently became a customer of
Minimus, ordering various condiment packets to send up with the astronauts to the
International Space Station.

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