May is National Military Appreciation Month designated by Congress. Let’s all participate in “Operation Troop Support”

To recognize those on active duty in all branches of the services, the National Guard/Reserves plus retirees, veterans, and their families—well over 90 million Americans and more than 230 years of military history—Let us express our appreciation and show our support for these Men and Women of the Armed Forces. More specifically, we need to show our Thanks and Appreciation for our Troops that are away from home serving.

Operation Troop Support, is one program that provides opportunities for all of us to participate in the bridge building process. 

We send care packages year around to troops deployed throughout the world in order to express the thanks of caring citizens. These care packages are full of wonderful much needed items, donated by every day citizens throughout the United States. During the Christmas Season these care packages take on the shape of Christmas Stockings full of all kinds of personal hygiene items, books, CD’s and other Christmas goodies. 

We provide special items for military families holding down the fort at home, who have special needs. At times these can be special items needed on a case by case basis, or items that perhaps all children would enjoy any time.

We send boxes of humanitarian supplies directly to service men and women so they may also be involved in the giving process; as they build bridges to the people in the countries they are serving. These are in the shape of school supplies, dental hygiene kits, new born baby kits, soccer balls and soccer gear, shoes, blankets/quilts, tools, etc. 

We provide care packages to brighten up the lives of our aging veterans in nursing homes. 

Things our Military Men and Women Need: 


Video Games, Chess, Checkers, Dominos, Yo-yos, Playing Cards 

Hand sanitizers, Deodorant, Shoe deodorizers, Foot powder for Athlete’s foot, shoe inserts 

Wet wipes, Body & Face Lotions, Body & Face soaps, Eye Drops, feminine hygiene products 

Shampoo / Conditioner, body wash, 

Bug spray, Shaving Cream, Disposable razors, Sunscreen, Lip balm

Small flashlights, Small multi-tools, Clip on Lights, fingernail clippers

AT&T Calling cards, tiny personal fans, Pen/Mechanical pencils 

SD Cards/Thumb Drives, iTune Cards, gift certificates 

Toothbrush & paste, Dental floss, Individual pkg. of tissue, disinfectant wipes

Protein Powder mixes 

Reading Books, paperback books, American flags,  

GPS watch, compass 

Nerf footballs, Frisbees, soccer balls,  

Healthy Snacks, vitamins, cold medicine 

Non-perishable-food items—Cookies, Candies, Gum, Granola bars, beef jerky, crackers, Cheesewhiz, peanut butter, powdered drinks, Gatorade powder, etc.

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